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May News from Sportspeople 

Friday, 11 May 2012


Welcome to the latest e-news from Sportspeople. In this issue we outline:

Recent Appointments:

We are pleased to announce the following recent appointments:

  • General Manager, Performance and Strategic Investment - High Performance Sport New Zealand - Andrew Matheson - click here for media release
  • Community Development Officer - Western Victoria - Bowls Australia - Peter Nixon
  • Youth Participation Coordinator - VIC - Gymnastics Australia - Alison Lyons
  • Youth Participation Coordinator - WA - Gymnastics Australia - Paula Dick
  • Youth Participation Coordinator - SA - Gymnastics Australia - Andrew Cordery
  • Youth Participation Coordinator - NSW - Gymnastics Australia - Jessie Tulett
  • Communications and Marketing Manager - Bowls Australia - Andrew Holmes

Don't forget you can announce your appointments as well as see recent Sportspeople and other industry appointments at the "Who got that job?" page at the Sportspeople website.

Current Sportspeople Vacancies:

The following roles are currently available through Sportspeople:

High Performance Sport NZ

General Manager, Capacity and Expertise

- Senior Executive Position
- Enhance the capacity of the NZ high performance sporting system to create
  long term sustainability & repeatable results at the highest international level
- Salary structured to attract high quality candidates
- Auckland (NZ) location
Apply by 16 May

Netball Victoria

Chief Executive Officer

- Hallmark state sport organisation
- Victoria’s No. 1 women’s sport
- Leadership, strategic and commercial focus
- Executive salary from $150,000 pa structured to attract high quality candidates
- Melbourne (VIC) location
Apply by 18 May

Triathlon Australia

National Manager, Participation and Membership

- National Sporting Organisation, Olympic Sport!
- Increase participation and membership in triathlon
- Create a strong community of triathletes
- $65,000 to $75,000 pa dependant upon experience and qualifications
- Mascot (NSW) location
Apply by 22 May

Triathlon Australia

National Manager, Corporate Services

- National Sporting Organisation, Olympic Sport!
- Finance, staffing, information technology and infrastructure focus
- ensure Triathlon Australia is a sustainable and prosperous
- $80,000 to $100,000 pa dependant upon experience and qualifications
- Mascot (NSW) location
Apply by 16 May

IMG Sports Technology Group

Account Executive – New Zealand

- Location flexible - extensive domestic travel
- Grow the New Zealand business by building relationships with National,
  Regional and Community sport organisations
- Leading technology and online products
- Attractive base salary plus uncapped commission
Apply by 23 May

High Performance Sport NZ

Performance Consultant

- Ensure National Sporting Organisations achieve the medal target in their
  upcoming pinnacle event and have an athlete development programme that
  provides enough athletes to meet or exceed the medal targets in future
  pinnacle events.
- Auckland (NZ) location
Apply by 25 May

High Performance Sport NZ

High Performance Athlete Development Advisor

- Works across the New Zealand high performance system and within specified National Sport Organisations (NSOs) to ensure quality HP athlete development practices/environments are in place providing a flow of athletes to meet or exceed HP medal targets.
- Auckland (NZ) location
Apply by 30 May

The following positions have now closed and are progressing through the recruitment cycle:

  • Health & Fitness Coordinator - North Sydney Olympic Pool - Filled! Announcement pending
  • Manager, Sport Programs - Macquarie University
  • Finance and Operations Manager - Gymnastics Victoria

You can view all of these roles at the Sportspeople Jobs Market. In addition to roles being recruited by Sportspeople, you'll also find other vacancies in the sport, fitness, aquatics, coaching, venues, events, leisure and lifestyle sector at the Sportspeople Jobs Market.

Fitness sector weak in business skills

Sportspeople recently attended the Health & Fitness Expo as a guest of Fitness Australia in their Business Advisory Centre, providing advice to business owners and people working or seeking work in the fitness sector. The three day event also provided the opportunity for us to catch up, put a face to a name and to thank a many of our clients who were in attendance.

Apart from the expected questions relating to salaries and job opportunities, we were surprised by the number of enquiries seeking advice on what we would consider basic business fundamentals.

Scattered throughout the Expo there were a number of reputable and high profile Providers no doubt catering for what is unprecedented demand for training courses. However, while the output of trained fitness professionals is likely to be at an all-time high, it would appear there is a need for better education and training for people already in business or those contemplating a fitness business.

This suggestion is particularly timely, given ASIC’s latest annual data (to June 30, 2011) showing that businesses with less than 5 full-time equivalent employees accounted for more than 50% of those businesses placed in administration in the 2010/11 financial year. Over this time 4,963 business were wound up with the biggest nominated causes being poor strategic management, inadequate cash flow, trading losses, poor financial control and poor economic conditions.

If you are a business owner you can control all of these factors with the exception of general economic conditions. If you are thinking about setting up a fitness business, even if as a sole trader Personal Trainer, there will be a number of critical elements outside of exercise prescription and client management that you will need to consider. If the course you have just completed did not provide you with these fundamental business skills, make sure you look elsewhere and give your business a health check before you get started.

Robert McMurtrie
Managing Director - Sportspeople

Salary Plus Super - the debate on what is best to show in your advertisement

Sportspeople has previously conducted research to look at the benefits of stating salary in job advertisements. In 2006, 2007 and again in 2011 we found the number of views for advertisements where salary was stated was up to 40% more than those advertisements where salary was not stated.

Recently I came across an article from the Employment Office Australia that stated 95% of Australian workers believe salary figures should not be inclusive of superannuation. The survey also reinforces the notion that workers would instead prefer to see base salary and superannuation as separate figures.

In light of this figure we created a survey (April 2012), that posed the question, “Would you prefer Salary Figures be; Inclusive of Superannuation or Base + Superannuation?" Not surprisingly, 100% of our respondents chose Base+Superannuation. So what drives this need to separate the two?

According to the research performed by The Employment Office, 31% of people perceive superannuation as an “obligatory payment that is the responsibility of their employer rather than part of their salary package.” Interestingly, it seems as though this particular attitude resonates more towards Gen Y who often forget that superannuation is a part of their total salary package. Research also shows that 41% of younger generations view superannuation as a means of achieving financial goals, with less concern placed on goals such as purchasing a home or car.

The challenge employers now face is how to attract younger candidates who are professional, skilled and reliable yet whose priorities are very much focused around how much money they will be earning.

Therefore, as the jobs market becomes further saturated with younger candidates and Gen Y move up through the ranks, it is important that employers attempt to meet these needs when advertising a job. One way to do this is by avoiding using references such as “attractive package” or “package negotiable” which in the eyes of the reader, only creates ambiguity.

Alessia Calvi
Social Media, Marketing and Online Coordinator - Sportspeople

The Sportspeople KnowledgeBase Released

Since 1995 the Sportspeople team has regularly contributed articles to the sport, fitness and aquatic community providing insightful information across a range of topics. Many of these articles have been published or used as primary references for other published research while others have appeared in the Sportspeople enews distributed to our community.

We have compiled a selection of these articles to create The Sportspeople KnowledgeBase. We hope job seekers, employers and others contributing to the sport, fitness and aquatic sector find the topics and information of interest. Naturally, we will continue to grow the content as stories or features capture our attention.

To view The Sportspeople KnowledgeBase click here.
Please feel free to use these articles, however if you are quoting, referencing or re-publishing excerpts, we ask that you simply acknowledge the author and/or Sportspeople accordingly.

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