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Sportspeople : Bringing job seekers and employers together.
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List a Community Sport Club, Volunteer or Intern role FREE at the Sportspeople Jobs Market! 

Sportspeople acknowledges the enormous contribution volunteers make to the community in general and the sport community specifically. It is widely recognised most sporting organisations could not sustain their service levels without the contribution of volunteers. From the local club coach, manager or umpire through to the internationally accredited official, volunteers make an important and lasting contribution to the sport sector. That's why we developed the categories of Volunteer, Community Sport Club and Intern/Traineeships to sit alongside the salaried, professional career opportunities at the Sportspeople Jobs Market. 


If you have a role which fits within our definition of Volunteer, Community Sport Club or Intern/Traineeship, you can now list for FREE. And there's no limit to the number of roles you can list.

Here's our definitions: 

  • Volunteer - A person provides a service through a formal organisation, by choice, without financial remuneration and for the benefit of the community. We also recognise there are occasions where a volunteer may receive a small gratuity/honorarium or reimbursement of expenses. Examples of a Volunteer might be Marshalls at a Fun Run, Officials at a Major Event or Board/Committee Members (President, Secretary or Treasurer).
  • Community Sport Club - This category has been designed to provide a free listing for jobs and roles in small, local community, not-for-profit sport clubs. Importantly, as the majority of sport organisations are not-for-profit, this alone does not qualify the organisation to list under the Community Sport Club category. We acknowledge some roles might be full-time however on balance Community Sport Club roles are typically part-time, casual and seasonal. Examples of a Community Sport Club role might be a netball coach at the local netball club, a trampoline coach at the local gymnastics club, or an umpire or referee paid by the local, community sport club. If you are an Educational Institution (including schools, TAFE and tertiary), private Swim School operator, Fitness Centre, Government Agencies (including Federal, State and Local Governments, Institutes/Academies of Sport and Trusts), professional/representative sports team/club/franchise, venue, a Regional/District, State, National or International Sporting Organisations/Associations (including peak bodies) or operate licenced/gaming venue(s), you do not qualify for a Community Sport Club listing.
  • Intern/Traineeships A person who enters into a training agreement with a formal organisation and is involved in paid or voluntary work and structured training, which may be on or off the job. Examples of an Intern might be a University placement (to satisfy professional placement criteria). An example of a Trainee might be a fixed term employee who is studying toward an industry certification or formal qualification.

Roles that don’t fit within our definitions of Volunteer, Community Sport Club or Intern/Traineeships can continue to be listed at the Sportspeople Jobs Market as a Standard Job, Hot Job or Featured Job. In developing this service it is not our intention to divert our present customers toward free listings, rather, we hope to provide new opportunity to those many organisations that do not presently advertise with us.

As Sportspeople receives no income from Volunteer, Community Sport Club or Intern/Traineeship listings, we hope you'll get on board in the spirit of this service. However, where there is a question in the definition or whether your role qualifies for a FREE listing, one of our Customer Service Team will contact you to discuss. Hopefully there will be no dispute on our definition, however at all times Sportspeople reserves the right to accept or decline a Volunteer, Community Sport Club or Intern/Traineeship advertisement.

To list a role you need to be registered as a Sportspeople Customer. Registration is quick and easy and we'll have you up and running in no time. It's free to register

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