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General Information
TitleRestoring Optimal Function: Neck & Shoulder
Short DescriptionThis workshop is designed to understand the science behind rehabilitation exercises of the upper body, in order to strengthen those poorly functioning muscles associated with neck and shoulder injuries.
OrganisationActive Anatomy
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Learning Method Seminar / Workshop
Date22 Oct 2017
Duration6 hours
VenueVirgin Active Health Club
LocationFrenchs Forest, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Detailed Description

This practical workshop is ideal for health professionals who are looking to tailor personalised programs for their 1-on-1 clients to restore optimal function in the NECK & SHOULDER region.

This workshop will discuss the anatomy of the optimal function of the joints and muscles in this area. There will be an  in-depth review of the common injuries, dysfunctions and compensatory patterns that are likely to occur in your clients.  Finally, we practically develop the best progressive strengthening exercise program to address these common dysfunctions.

So, if you have you ever wondered:

  • What the role of the thoracic spine is in gleno-humeral joint stability?
  • Which shoulder position loads the rotator cuff the most?
  • Why core training is important for shoulder rehabilitation?

Then this workshop will not only answer these questions but it will also show you:

  • How to increase shoulder range of motion to improve training without risking injury.
  • Practical exercises to progress strength training in lower trapezius, rotator cuff and serratus anterior muscles.
  • Tips to reduce tension in accessory breathing muscles of the neck and shoulder.
  • Exercises to strengthen deep neck flexor muscles to reduce sternocleidomastoid spasm.
This is a Fitness Australia Approved Program
Closing Date 22 Oct 2017
File Attachments
Neck & Shoulder Flyer (581KB)

$295 per person.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - $250 for the first 5 people to enrol. Get in quick!

Apply to
NameMerrin Martin
Phone (mobile)(02) 9451 9014
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How To Enrol

Book online at or call (02) 9451 9014

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