Effective & Appropriate Nutrition Advice (Guidance for Registered Exercise Professionals)

Fitness Australia Limited

  • Australia
  • 2 hours


In Australia, there is currently an expectation among consumers for fitness services to be coupled with nutrition advice, particularly with regards to weight management and dietary supplementation. This has created a need for Registered Exercise Professionals (REPs) to find the balance between providing an appropriate level of nutrition advice to the client, without providing information beyond their scope of practice. Throughout the seminar you’ll hear from a variety of experts including, fitness business owners, exercise professionals and dietitians.

Who should participate?

This seminar is designed to inform exercise professionals of the opportunities that exist when providing nutrition advice. Additionally, this provides business managers and industry educators the opportunity to clearly understand the role of REPs and the value of working collaboratively with dietitians in the fitness industry.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the importance of clear professional boundaries and scope of practice when providing nutrition advice
  • Provide appropriate and effective nutrition advice whilst aligning with the scope of practice
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of adhering to nationally endorsed nutritional standards and guidelines, such as the Australian Dietary Guidelines
  • Understand when and how to refer clients to appropriate allied health professionals
  • Identify the benefits of working in collaboration with allied health professionals

Enrolment fee

Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professionals: $79.00 (Prices are AUS, includes GST)

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