Part 3: Accident and Injury Risks in Fitness Facilities and Environments

Fitness Australia Limited

  • Australia
  • 2 hours


What can you do to avoid accidents and injury?

Accident and injury risks, particularly due to equipment misuse and various training environments are of growing concern.

This seminar is the third in a three-part risk management series, it builds on parts one Exercise Safe: Putting clients first and two Professional Practice & Advice: What are the Risks? continuing the discussion on critical risk management issues in the Australian Fitness Industry.

Throughout this seminar Professor Patrick Keyzer reviews the AFIRM research findings, vital requirements and considerations as a fitness business in relation to accident and injury risks.

Additionally, two well developed fitness businesses, YMCA and Step into Life, share their methods and opinions on mitigating accident and injury risks in their respective business operating environments which ensures both their staff and clients are training in safe environments.

Who should participate?

This iLearn session is essential for fitness business owners, managers, exercise professionals (whether an employee or contractor) as all parties have a duty in risk management. This is also a valuable source of information for education providers in the fitness industry.

Learning objectives

  • Identify common accident and injury risks in fitness facilities and other typical service delivery environments
  • Understand the legal context and framework relevant to managing risk within fitness settings
  • Take steps to prevent accident and injury risks
  • Understand and access risk management evidence and research relevant to your business or professional practice

Enrolment fee

Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professionals: $79.00 (Prices are AUS, includes GST)

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