Part 2: Professional Practice & Advice: What are the risks?

Fitness Australia Limited

  • Australia
  • 2 hours


Why is scope of practice a risk management issue?

Today’s fitness industry brings increasingly diverse clients and requests for services.  This means that it’s more important than ever for fitness professionals and business operators to have a clear understanding of professional competency and scope of practice.  Whether you’re a teacher, a doctor, a physiotherapist or personal trainer; understanding and knowing the limits of your professional boundaries and how to manage risks related to your professional practice and advice is a foundation of professional competency.

This seminar is the second in a three part risk management seminar series and is a follow up to our previous session, Exercise Safe: Putting clients first.  In this follow up we examine two critical risk management issues; Professional Knowledge and Competency and, Scope of Practice. 

We’ve also featured insights from two business operators; Mishfit and Vision Personal Training, as they share their views about why professional scope of practice is a key business issue as well as their experiences and strategies for ensuring their staff are competent and working within their professional boundaries.  

Who should participate?

This iLearn session is essential for exercise professionals, fitness business managers and educators who should have a thorough understanding of the professional boundaries and protocols for ensuring that professional advice and services remain within those boundaries. 

Learning objectives 

  • Understand the legal context and framework relevant to professional competency and scope of practice and how they relate to risk management
  • Identify factors that might lead to legal complaints against fitness service providers
  • Find answers to common questions about professional competency and scope of practice
  • Improve your ability to access risk management evidence and research

Enrolment fee

Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professionals: $79.00 (Prices are AUS, includes GST)

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