Head of Netball

The Rockhampton Grammar School

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  • Rockhampton Queensland Australia
  • Full Time, Part Time
Closing 1 Oct 2021
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The Head of Netball must be passionate about netball and the development of netball within RGS. The main functions of the role are to support and encourage the participation of netball at RGS through leading staff and students in representing the School positively, to develop the skills of every member in an effort to reach excellence and provide members with opportunities to progress in the sport during and beyond RGS. The Head of Netball is expected to oversee all aspects of the club including auxiliary staff such as coaches, maintenance, catering and fitness instructors. The Head of Netball is responsible and accountable for the performance of the club and its members.


Head of Netball duties may include, but are not limited to:

Representing the School

  • Communicate the vision and purpose of the club effectively
  • Have close and positive relationships with the Rockhampton Netball Association
  • Attend Parent Support Group monthly meetings and lead conversations about RGS Netball

Ensure the Club is managed productively:

  • Lead the coaches, umpires, players and volunteers in working to meet the goals, future direction and priorities of the club
  • Submit an annual report to be presented to the committee at the Annual General Meeting
  • Organise and delegate tasks to meet goals
  • Create and actively maintain positive club cultures


  • Design and reflect on programs using research and up-to-date information that is in-line with Netball QLD/Australia KPIs
  • Coordinate programs that aim to improve skills of members in every area (coaching, umpiring, volunteering, playing)
  • Provide feedback to members to assist in the effectiveness of programs
  • Manage talent identification programs that encourages the selection of holistic athletes
  • Liaise with auxiliary staff to support the development of a range of areas (nutrition, mental health and fitness)
  • Design and conduct clinics that aim to improve development of members
  • Implement sub-programs such as leadership for Captains (of teams and of Netball Captains)


  • Allocation of coaches to appropriate teams
  • Organise/Facilitate competitions (weekly, carnivals and QISSN) and tours
  • Assist with behaviour management and player/parent/other team conduct to support members
  • Performance discussions and management with players, coaches and umpires


  • Publish communication on a range of media including Facebook, emails, notices and assemblies to enhance knowledge of club happenings
  • Work closely with Director of Co-Curricular and other TICs and staff
  • Work closely with Director of Co-Curricular and other TICs and staff

In addition to the above, a Teacher is expected to (only applicable to candidates are registered Teachers):

  • design and implement curriculum programmes that embrace School's Learning Framework;
  • create a positive classroom environment that enhances student learning;
  • establish and review students' learning goals/outcomes and modify curriculum programmes accordingly;
  • continuously reflect on teaching practices and full participate in the School's Personal Learning Programme;
  • build relationships and share teaching insights with colleagues in order to coordinate activities for students;
  • communicate with parents about student learning;
  • demonstrate professionalism and a commitment to professional development;
  • contribute to the School and wider community through involvement in co-curricular activities;
  • maintain accurate records and meet deadlines.


Application Instruction

  1. Read the Notice to all Candidates – Staff Safer Recruitment Policy and Recruitment and Selection Policy on the RGS website (rgs.qld.edu.au/employment)
  2. Complete an Application for Employment Form (Teaching) or (Non-Teaching) – found on RGS website
  3. Submit your completed Application for Employment Form with your Cover Letter and comprehensive Curriculum Vitae to positions@rgs.qld.edu.au by 4:00pm Friday 1 October 2021.
Todd Wells

(07) 4936 0870

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