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Aquatics & Recreation Victoria’s (ARV) key role is to develop effective partnerships by bringing industry organisations together to achieve a common goal. Its strategic objectives are:

  1. To provide high level strategic advice to all levels of Government on industry matters to enhance knowledge, assist decision making and share expertise.
  2. To provide industry research, operational benchmarks and key information to Government and managers of aquatic and recreation facilities to aid strategic planning.
  3. To provide partnership opportunities that brings industry stakeholders together to deliver improved community aquatic and recreation outcomes.
  4. To develop commercially viable partnerships and programs.
  5. To provide quality professional development opportunities for industry professionals through the presentation of conferences, seminars, workshops and courses.
  6. To provide quality education programs that address social, demographic and community need.
  7. To recognise and promote the achievements and contributions that people and organisations have made and raise the profile of the industry

ARV is pursuing a strategy of working closely with a range of partners across local and state governments, the aquatic and recreation, commercial and health sectors

ARV also provides professional development opportunities that include a range of AUSTSWIM courses for those wishing to teach swimming and water safety. ARV also conducts VICSWIM – a successful state-wide suite of aquatic education and water safety programs – an employment opportunity in itself.

ARV and Sportspeople are working together to provide the industry with a comprehensive listing of positions available:

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